Season 2017–2018 Tips for registering online

Season 2017–2018
Tips for registering online using the SportsTG Platform

Registration Link

• Question: Does it matter which internet browser I use?


SportsTG strongly recommend that you do not use Internet Explorer. The preferred browser for this registration platform is Google Chrome. Others, such as Firefox, are also OK to use.

• Question:  Who can I contact if I need help?

If you have any questions for Eagles Baseball Club, please email

If you encounter any difficulties with the online registration platform, please go to or email

• Question:  Do I use the username and password that I had last season?


You will set up one User Account by providing an email address (for your username). Then you will create a new password.

From this single User Account, you can then register yourself and any other player whose registration you will be paying online.  Multiple players can be registered using a single User Account.

• Question:  What age group am I in this season?

Please refer to the 2018 Little League Age Chart for all juniors.

You are a Big League (Under 18) player if you were born in the last four months of 1999, in the year 2000, or in the first eight months of 2001; and you are too old to play in the junior competition. You must play in the senior competition but pitching limits will still apply to you this season.

You are a senior player if you were born on or before 31/08/1999.

• Question:  Can I choose to register to play in a different age group?


Your birthday will determine the fees and the player category that applies to you. But the Club may seek dispensation from Baseball Canberra to move junior players into other age categories if it is deemed appropriate and/or necessary at a later date.

• Question:  Can a junior play senior baseball too?


But not until you have turned 14 AND provided you will turn 14 on or before December 31st this year. You also might like to ask your Eagles’ coach if you are ready for this step before paying the extra fee that is involved.

To register to play juniors and seniors:

  • First, you must pay your junior registration (this is mandatory). You will not be able to un-select the junior fees that apply to you.
  • Then, you must select the optional Baseball Canberra and Eagles Baseball fees that have been set for a junior that also plays seniors.  You will not be allowed to play senior baseball unless the additional fees have been paid.

• Question:  Why are there different parts to my player fees?

There have always been three components to your fees:

  • A National component, paid to Baseball Australia
  • A State level component, paid to Baseball Canberra
  • A Club component, paid to Eagles Baseball Club

Now there will also be a processing fee that is collected by SportsTG.

You will be emailed with a receipt that will detail the breakdown of the different components of your total player fees.

• Question:  Do non-playing members have to register?

This part of the SportsTG Platform is not ready yet. However, in due course, all of Eagles’ fabulous coaches, scorers, umpires and volunteers will be asked to register as members of Eagles Baseball Club too. Registration for these non-players will be free. But they are vital, and it is vital that they be counted too.


Current at 29 August 2017